Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Starting to move

Things are now really starting to shape up for the Norwich Community Bee scheme.  On Saturday some of us went to the Norwich Farmshare open day, met up with Laura and the rest of the guys and had a good look round. We found the proposed site for the hives and it looked great to us; let's hope the bees agree!  Marco had some great ideas for wildflower borders around the farm office which could provide some colour and "bee-snacks" - providing that it fits in with the overall farm planning needs, of course.

Thanks to Darren at Beechwood Bees , we now have enough kit to start us off - we're really excited about this!  We are planning to meet up again next Saturday (18th June) at the farm and install the hive.  Do contact us if you'd like to come along and help.

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